A Message to the Residents of Chatham Township:


Welcome to our Chatham Township Office of Emergency Management (OEM) website.  As the OEM Coordinator, my goal is to tell you about this organization and what we can do, together, to better prepare for, respond to and recover from any type of disaster that may impact our community.  

The disaster may be a natural event such as a winter storm or hurricane or it may be an incident such as a chemical spill, airplane crash, civilian disturbance or a terrorist attack.  It is a situation that can overwhelm a community and have devastating consequences. 

Emergency Management involves the discipline and profession of managing and coordinating an incident that can wreak havoc on a municipality.  It is a dynamic process.  Planning is critical.  Training, conducting drills, testing equipment and coordinating activities within the community are other important functions.    

This is a comprehensive system that starts at the local level and includes the County, State and Federal Governments.

 In Chatham Township we have a Local Emergency Planning Council that directs our OEM activities.  This group consists of public officials as well as leaders from police, fire, public works, Red Cross, health and the emergency squad.  I want to stress that OEM is a team effort. 

Many Township employees and volunteers have attended several training courses and participated in emergency drills so that they are ready to meet all types of disasters. 

 I suggest everyone review the various sections of this website to learn more about what we are doing to meet our mission of protecting lives and property.  There is information on how you will be notified of an emergency.  Shelter locations are also included.  Most important, you will find information about what YOU can do to better prepared for any type of disaster.  


Chief John Paton

Emergency Management Coordinator



What is Emergency Management?


Various Federal and State laws require that emergency management activities be carried out to protect lives and property of citizens who are impacted as a result of a disaster. 

These laws require that the Emergency Management Coordinator and the Local Emergency Planning Council (LEPC) do the following: