Emergency Notification and Warning

In the event that emergency notification becomes necessary, you should be aware of the following.


1. Radio Broadcasts


Significant disaster events are covered on all major networks.  For more LOCAL DISASTER INFORMATION such as road closures, flooding, storm damage, etc. STAY TUNED TO:


WMTR AM 1250


2. National Weather Service


Transmits weather reports on 162.55 MHZ (Requires special radio).


3. Cable TV


As with radio, significant disaster events are reported on major cable and network TV channels. For LOCAL DISASTER INFORMATION STAY TUNED TO:


Comcast or FIOS CABLE.


4. Instructions From Emergency Officials

Emergency Officials (police, fire) may alert residents by the following:



You may be asked to:



  Do You Have Special Needs?

If you have a condition that may hamper your ability to deal with an emergency, download the "Special Needs" form here and return it to the Chatham Township Police Department.

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