Community Emergency Response Teams




The residents of Chatham over time have experienced various disasters and emergencies such as winter storms, nor�easters, apartment building fires and wide spread floods. The morning of September 11, 2001, however, brought a horrific event that touched the lives of everyone in our community.


Since then, many have asked what they could do to help make our municipality a safer place.Several people have inquired as to how can they participate in developing plans to better handle these types of tragedies.�� Many want to help support our responders during a major disaster.


The Chatham Township Office of Emergency Management has explored various alternatives to these questions and requests and we have formed a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).




            The CERT Team will strive to improve the preparedness of our community to better respond to and recover from any type of emergency.


            We will take steps to be better prepared first in our own homes, then with our neighborhood, businesses, places of worship, schools and public areas.


           We will supplement the excellent efforts of our first responders during an emergency.


            Skills of the CERT Team members will continually be improved through training and participation in drills and exercises.


The CERT team started on their training in the fall of 2002.Over the past several months they have been learning how to participate in this program by attending classes on subjects such as Incident Command System, Search and Rescue, Scene Safety and Traffic Control, Disaster First Aid, and Disaster Preparedness.


The CERT responder, with classes on Damage Assessment, Shelter Management and Emergency Communications continuing through spring, will be able to assist their neighbor in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.They will also act in support of the police department, fire departments, the health officials and the emergency squad who are the primary responders in disasters or emergencies.


Should you be interested in becoming a CERT member please contact Patrolman Sawyer at the Chatham Township Police Department at 973-377-0100.